Seasonal Holiday Music For Businesses

Streaming Holiday Music For Businesses

Businesses love playing Christmas music during the Holiday season.
Our huge Holiday music library makes it special.
Stream Holiday music today at your business.

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Background Music For Retail Stores

Best Streaming Music Service For Business

Streaming Music Services For Commercial Use
Retail Music & Messaging Service

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Best Streaming Music Service For Business

Best streaming music for retail business  .

StoreStreams is your number one choice to stream music for business. StoreStreams streaming music for business service offers retailers a completely scalable streaming music & messaging service  that is 100% percent legal for you to use at your business. StoreStreams is your number one choice to supply background music for businesses.

Streaming background music & messaging to your retail locations is now simple and easy to do with StoreStreams. It doesn’t matter if you have one location or thousands, StoreStreams has you covered at an affordable price point you will love.

StoreStreams Streams Hit Music

StoreStreams streams the hit music of today and yesterday by the artists you know and love. StoreStreams is completely scalable and customizable for any size retail location no matter if you have one or one thousand retail locations. Streaming music for business service plans start at $20.00 a month.

StoreStreams Business Music Systems

StoreStreams also offers equipment / software solutions ranging from just the music subscription plan to a complete AMP, Speakers, and music system for your business.

Now Available In The United States and Canada

StoreStreams is now available for U.S and Canadian grocery store outlets and pays royalties to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Global Music Rights, SOCAN & RESOUND.

music royalty reporting

 StoreStreams stream music for business  service offers:

  • music you know and love… today and yesterday hit radio
  • pre-programmed music channels
  • custom branded music channels
  • royalty reporting fully licensed music service
  • streaming radio delivery to any smart phone, tablet or PC
  • streaming playback hardware solutions
  • complete in store audio solutions ” speakers, amps and play out hardware
A broadband internet connection is required

Get a Vibe Upgrade with the StoreStreams retail background music service

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On Hold Messaging

Streaming On Hold Music and Messaging
Streaming Voice Messages on Hold
Streaming On Hold Music and Messaging

Streaming On Hold Music and Messaging

Streaming On Hold Music and Messaging For Your Business Phone System

Your company is not a cookie cutter “elevator music” type of company, so why subject your customers to that ear pollution?  Your On Hold Marketing uses REAL music by the ORIGINAL artists.  Our exclusive marketing relationship with StoreStreams allows us to provide fully licensed music playlists tailored for you.  To that end, some companies might still use a radio station or mp3 player plugged into their phone system.  Some may use an Internet solution like their Spotify account.  There are many hidden and not so hidden dangers in using these methods that are avoided by using Your On Hold Marketing.

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Music On Hold Sample

Streaming Voice Messages on Hold

Streaming Voice Messages on Hold

Stream On Hold Voice Messages For Your Business Telephone System

Many companies have existing messages they would like to use, and we allow for easy implementation.  Additionally, we provide copywriting services as well as professional voice recordings for your company. These can easily be mixed in with REAL music by ORIGINAL Artists!

Using voice recordings produced and hosted by StoreStreams allows for you to speak directly to a very interested customer.  They help you upsell and inform your caller.  Additionally, they are more affordable than you thought.  We have easy pricing plans designed to maximize your return on your on hold marketing.

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Voice Message On Hold Sample

Affordable Music For Business Plans

choose your Streaming Music For Business plan

30 Day Free Trial

Programmed Channels

Web Based Listening Interface

Radio Imaging / Branding


Retail Radio 24/7


per month


25 Pre Programmed Channels

Radio Mixed For You


per month


Custom Programmed Channel

4 Branded Read Only Commercials

Custom Programming


per month


Custom Programmed Channel

8 Branded Read Only Commercials

StoreStreams is a streaming music for business service that is specified for commercial use only.
StoreStreams streaming music service for business is available in US and CanadaStoreStreams commercial music streaming service is only available in the United States and in Canada.


Streaming Music Service For Your Retail Store

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